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Inherent Flame Retardant Fabrics


K-Flame is Klopman’s new range of inherently flame retardant fabrics, conceived to

offer resistance to heat, flame and welding, as well as supplying antistatic and electric

arc protection. The fundamental characteristics of the fabric ensure long-term durability,

while its composition delivers maximum comfort and breathability even in the hottest

environments and climates. Klopman’s K-Flame fabrics use Kermel®, an inherently

flame-resistant fibre which combines non-flammability, comfort and durability.

K-Flame fabrics are available in two types:

K-Flame Pro: produced with modacrylic fibre to combine efficiency and performance,

and available in three different weights: 175, 265 and 320 g/m2. The 320 g/m2 version

provides the highest class of protection against welding (ISO 11611), aluminium (D1)

and equivalent molten metals (ISO 11612)*, antistatic EN 1149-3, electric arc IEC 61482-1-2.

All K-Flame Pro fabrics in modacrylic fibre are heat and flame-resistant

(EN ISO 11612 and ISO 14116) suited for industrial laundry (ISO 15797)

and are also available in high-visibility yellow or with chemical splash protection

(EN 13034 Type 6). K-Flame Pro is also available in a laminated version.

K-Flame Xtra: produced with aramid fibres which ensure an extremely

high level of safety for workers.

The material’s composition allows optimum moisture management

combined with a great sense of comfort, especially in tropical climates.

K-Flame Xtra fabrics comply with specific international standards in response

to the market’s needs: heat and flame protection (EN ISO 11612), welding protection

(ISO 11611), fire protection (NFPA 2112), antistatic property (EN 1149-3), electric arc

protection (IEC 61482-2) and, if requested, foul weather (EN 343) and chemical splash

protection compliant with EN 13034 standard is also available.

The range of fabrics is completed by:

Firestrike 245: a unique fabric combining permanent, inherent flame retardancy + antistaticity + liquid chemical splash protection. Exceptionally high levels of performance, wearer comfort, durability and appearance, as well as an extended garment service life. In response to standard ISO 11612, Firestrike 245 guarantees protection against heat and flame, welding (ISO 11611), electric arc (EN 61482-1-2), antistatic (EN 1149-1 and EN 1149-3) and chemical resistance (EN 13034 Type 6).

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